Stooge Head for Half Tube

 Stooge for rubber winding is available now.

It comes in two versions - for the Halftube and for the model.

I use two of them at the competitions - one for winding the motor in the Halftube and another to hold the model.

The stooges are modular - you can quickly disconnect the top hub and the bottom pin for transportation. All parts are interchangeable. We have also the Ice Screw which can be installed instead of bottom Pin if you fly on the ice. You can see in the photo the two different heads, Pin, Struts and an Ice Screw.

The first batch was made with 14 mm strut. We switched now to 12 mm struts. If you already have 14 mm version and wish to add the second one of the same size, it will be available for some time.

  • Number: 420-110
  • Price: 95
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