21. Power management

  • Fully charged 150 mAh battery is good for about 50 flights.
  • Battery has a dedicated protection circuit. It cuts off the battery when the voltage goes below 3 volts. The Battery is safe for more than 1 year in protected mode. Timer does not operate if the battery is in protected mode. However as soon as you connect the cable, charging begins.
  • Timer shuts off automatically after some time of inactivity.
  • Waiting for launch mode - Timer shuts down in 30 minutes.
  • Timer shuts down if you do not start entering new time or Servo position value for 10 seconds.
  • Timer will stay in “Ringing-Blinking” stand-by mode till the battery goes to protected mode.
  • In all other cases Timer shuts down after 1 minute of inactivity
  • Charge the battery if you did not use a Timer for a few weeks. Timer draws a small current (about 0.00015A) even if it is shut off. This discharges the battery to 3 volts in 4-5 weeks and the battery protection circuit will go to protected mode. It is safe for the battery.
  • Timer uses 25 mA when the servo is not moving and no sound
  • Timer uses 40 mA when the servo is moving and no sound
  • Timer uses 90 mA when Buzzer sounds and the servo is not moving
  • Timer uses average 0.25 mA in “Ringing-Blinking” stand-by mode


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