17. Servo calibration


  • This operation usually done at the factory. Recommended for advanced users only
  • Press and hold LAUNCH and SET, click WAKE, continue to hold LAUNCH and SET for 2 seconds
  • Click WAKE three times while holding LAUNCH and SET
  • Release all buttons. Timer goes to position 9 (ready for flight)
  • Click WAKE or SET to adjust position 9 (ready for flight)
  • Click LAUNCH. Timer goes to position 7 (DT)
  • Click WAKE or SET to adjust position 7 (DT)
  • Click LAUNCH. Timer stores the new “ready for flight” and “DT” positions and shuts down. All intermediate positions are evenly distributed between these two positions. After this, you can adjust individual positions as described in section 15. Changing Servo positions
  • These new positions are not changed on Reset to factory defaults


  • Monday, 02 June 2014

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